Single_slit_and_double_slit DUAL NATURE OF ELECRON


you don’t choose to read geeta, its always geeta who chooses you to read it.”

“In true form no one can explain what shreemadbhagwadgeeta holds in it. even with the full potential of vocal ability. the very content is extremely more dynamic than voice (as a virtue) itself. because it is the most mysterious and complex book to comprehend. the entire concept of comprehension is very small in front of grandeur of geeta. it includes the entire knowledge written in vedas.
on the other hand it is written in such simple sanskrit one can easily understand the text with a little practice around this book. however the message behind the written text is far more complex than an average human can ever understand. sometimes you read it for a hundred times and you don’t get to understand the subliminal meaning behind the text. every time you read it, it offers a new meaning and the content remains fresh as ever.
if read with due dedication, focussed mind, and unshakable devotion it reveals the miraculous secrets of quantum field physics, biology, nanotechnology and much more than that. and the real beauty is the text which does not contain anything of above subject. i mean you can sense the deepest of secrets but you can’t read it with bio eyes. at the same time you see the secrets being unveiled in front of your own eyes. but you (in terms of physical world) still can’t read anything. and the curiosity to establish the relationship between the message and the text drives you to read further. but you still can’t make it. it’s only the magnitude of faith which can help you to become one with this book.
once you become one with this book it takes you places and show you the real format of cosmos. including the human existence, survival, upliftment, enlightenment and finally nirvana.
it is very difficult to find some other book which contains god’s virtue, effect, and presence as geeta does.
Which means
Geeta deserves to be sung in heart. it is to be read with utmost care and the textual meaning and emotional meaning both need to be absorbed in deep consciousness. it is to be believed that supreme god said the written text himself. only human being is privileged enough to deserve geeta in its life. be it any race, cast, color or age. the one and only criteria to become one with geeta is to attain unshakeable faith in god, book and oneself. because everyone and everythin is made up god.
Which means “” I am the god”. its just theĀ revelationĀ of this truth which takes time. once done. all done. enjoy the togetherness with maker god